Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting there.....

on the 52 week album...don't see it being finished by the 1st of Jan but hopefully I will be close.

So here is Wk39... a page on our new home in Brissy....

Our new home

Wk 40 was about starting our new business- the Telstra Shop.

A New Opportunity

Wk 43- a visit to Matt's aunties farm...

At the Farm

Week 45... a visit to White Water World.

Wk50.... Checking out the Christmas lights

Have loved this project and am considering doing it again next year. Still have heaps to share so will be back soon!

Kel :)


  1. Gorgeous layouts, love the bright, funky White Water World one. Hope you had a fab Christmas and all the best for 2012. Take care xx

  2. Happy New Year my gorgeous friend!
    Absolutely love your 52 week pages, I think I will be doing it again for 2012.