Wednesday, January 19, 2011

52 Weeks

Im back Girlies,

This year I have decided to have a go at a 52 weeks album.... basically one page a week of what has been happening in our world. So far I'm on track so hopefully this is something I can stick to :)

Week One is a page about my proposal from Matt. As u can see in the pic, the "Marry me Wombat" was the sight I saw from the 16th floor of the Crown Plaza at Surfers Paradise. And for those of you wondering why I'm called "Wombat"..... it's because I like my sleep, and may be a tad cranky if I don't get enough :)

The Proposal

Week 2 is a page of an AWESOME singer we saw here during the Country Music Festival. Lisa is not Country..... more like soul and rock. Such a big and beautiful voice. Will def catch her again next year.

A night with Lisa Hunt

Thats all for today, Im itching to get some more done so hopefully won't be too long till Im back :)

Kel xxxxx

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  1. wow Kel! your ring is beautiful! Craig has always wanted to go the country music fest... but you know me... country aint my thing lol
    Donna xxxx